Go Snowboarding Day at Mountain Creek

In the spirit of World Snowboard Day, Mountain Creek declared Monday, December 20th Go Snowboarding Day! Go Snowboarding Day gave hundreds of people the opportunity to become life long riders by taking advantage of Mountain Creek’s learn to ride package: lift tickets, rental equipment, and a 1.5 hour long lesson for FREE! So when Mountain Creek extended an invite to us to attend an evening session, we jumped at the opportunity. It was the perfect night for Shred Love to start off the 2010-2011 season; the conditions at the mountain were perfect, the participants were pumped to get back on their boards, and it was our board member, Mel‘s birthday. Did I mention we had the school yard to ourselves? Yeah, it was pretty sweet!

First time rider Masz

Masz was the only beginner volunteer. Our other volunteers were happy for the refresher and to be back out with the group. He wasn’t the only beginner, so was Nicky.


Nicky rocks!

Here are more pictures of everyone, enjoy!

Brandon, Khaliq, & Mel aka Da Ryders

Halimah aka Ms. Black Diamond

Our shred monsters (l-r): Masai, Savion, Halimah, Tyson, & Zaakirah

World Snowboard Day 2010!

Big thanks to Mountain Creek (l-r)!: Hugh, Paul, Liz, & Nathan

Shred Love, Mountain Creek, & World Snowboard Day

Check out all of our pictures at Facebook. Check out Mountain Creek’s video here.

Get to Know Shanelle!

Get to know Shanelle, our second year teen mentor!
Name: Shanelle Thornberry
About me: I am an 18 year old teen mentor. I enjoy art, music, skateboarding, and snowboarding. I am an inspiring DJ and artist. I aspire to work in the music business or open my own art gallery. I love to travel and make life an adventure.

Halloween 2009

What role do you play at Shred Love? My role at Shred Love is a teen mentor, photographer, and assistant.
Why did you become a part of Shred Love? I became a member of Shred Love because I wanted to be a part of a positive movement, a movement that gave kids, who were once just like me, opportunities that do not come around often.
How has Shred Love changed your life? Shred Love has changed my life because I have learned you could make something so small into something big, have a huge impact, and important.
First time I drove, I had my license for 2 weeks.
First time I DJ’ed a party, the speakers blew.
First time I skateboarded, I was 15.
First time I snowboarded, I got a face full of snow.
First time I went away without my family, was my 8th grade class trip to Disney World.

Get to Know Savion!

Shred Love would like to introduce you to Savion!

Savion Bayo Drayton

Name: Savion Bayo Drayton

About me: I’m a snowboarder, scientist, and a flag football champion!

What made you join Shred Love? The enjoyment of snowboarding.

How has Shred Love changed your life? It showed me the thrills of snowboarding down the mountain.

Tyson, Savion, & DeKarr


First time I went snowboarding was with Shred Love.

First pet I had was Lucky the Cat.

First skateboard park I went to is in Flemington, NJ.

First time playing flag football, my team won the championship.

First job was at Jack’s, by my grandmother’s house.

My first camping trip

Chillin with my little brother, Tyson

Check back next Tuesday to see who’s next!

Go Snowboarding Day at Mountain Creek!

Mountain Creek has invited Shred Love to enjoy an evening of riding and lessons on Go Snowboarding Day! Go Snowboarding Day is Monday, December 20th, as well as our board member/mentor, Mel’s birthday! The evening will consist of an 1 1/2 hour long group lesson, free riding, and a celebration for the “old man”, lol! : )

To be a part of Go Snowboarding Day, please send us an email at  info@shredlove.org/wordpress with “Go Snowboarding Day” as the subject. Please indicate if you will need gear (snow jacket, gloves, and/or snow pants) and rental equipment (boots and snowboard). This event is limited to our participants ages 8-18 and our volunteers/mentors.

Act fast! Registration ends Wednesday, December 1, 2010.

Event Details

Go Snowboarding Day at Mountain Creek (Vernon, NJ)

Monday, December 20, 2010  6:30 – 9pm

Promptly departing Bayonne, NJ at 4pm.

Returning 10:30pm.

Get to Know Us

Have we met?

No? Well its time we do! Over the next couple of weeks, we will do a “Get to Know Us” feature on the people behind Shred Love. To get the ball rolling, I decided to start with myself, so here goes!

Name: Elizabeth Royster but everyone calls me Liz

About me: I’m the proud mommy of Shanelle, Savion & Tyson. By day, I’m a Senior Quality Assurance Test Analyst aka a software tester, however I’m Shred Love 24/7, ask anyone! = )  I grew up in a pink house in Jersey City with my family – Mom & Dad, my brother Omar, and sisters: Poodie & Jerrie. Wait there’s more, it was a big pink house and a lot of family lived with us, so there were my godbrothers: Lamar, Tykwan, Brandon, and Andre, their mothers Bonnie and Alycia, and all of our pets: dogs, cats, birds, fish, newts, hamsters, guinea pigs, snakes, a rooster… ok too many to remember, lol! As an adult, I only have a few pets: fish, a dog named Pebbles, and a turtle named Slim Thug. People find my laugh and sneeze pretty memorable, lol! I love music, art (I can draw and paint), traveling, knitting, swimming (still learning), reading, and of course snowboarding. 

My daughter Shanelle

My son Savion

My youngest son Tyson


What role do you play at Shred Love? I’m the Founder and Executive Director of Shred Love. I should probably list more titles because of all of the work and dedication it takes to make Shred Love a success but I will stop there, no need to make this a 5 page post, lol!

My birthday at Ten East!

Why did you become a part of Shred Love? I became a part of Shred Love because its easy to sit back and point out what’s wrong with the world but its a lot more rewarding to actually change the world.

My "little" sis, Monique & I (Little from Big Brother Big Sister organization)

My "little" sis Monique & I (Little from Big Brothers Big Sisters)

How has Shred Love changed your life? Shred Love has given me the opportunity to give back what so many have given me – a chance. I firmly believe I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help and guidance of so many others. At times, I think people put too little value on how a small act of kindness can impact a person’s life. As a teen mother, so many people thought I would fail, almost as if my fate had been sealed. If it wasn’t for the support of a few teachers, friends, and family members, I’m pretty sure life for me would be completely different. Therefore, I feel its only right, that I show others that despite how hard or bad things may seem right now, it can always be better. We are all living proof. One way or another we’ve all had to overcome some obstacles in life and for as long as we live, there will be more. By helping others through those times, we prepare ourselves for the same.

Shred Love has also forced me to set higher goals and become more creative in finding solutions to my problems and that of Shred Love. Our first year panned out to be better than I had ever expected, which to me meant I needed to dream bigger. With all of the success we’ve had so far, I can’t wait to see what the future has in store.

Shred Love


First time I had ever seen a snowboard, I was 14 years old.

First time I went snowboarding, I was 30 years old and was sore for 3 days.

First trick I landed was a butter.

First day of Shred Love’s learn to ride program in 2010, was the First time I cried on a mountain. = )

Check back next Tuesday to see who’s next!


Got Snowboard Addiction?

Snowboard Addiction  has teamed up with Shred Love to present to you a 10% discount on all of their products by simply using the discount code “shredlove”. When you use the “shredlove” discount code, Snowboard Addiction will donate 20% of all sales generated from the discount code to us. So that’s 10% off for you and a 20% donation for us!

Snowboard Addiction specializes in online coaching and freestyle coaching programs via DVD or download at affordable prices. The DVDs and downloadable programs are backed with a 120% money back guarantee. If you don’t learn anything that dramatically improves your riding, Snowboard Addiction will refund you an additional 20% more than your purchase price, however we at Shred Love are positive you will see the value in their products.

Shred Love plans to use their programs for the 2010/2011 winter session, because for our second year, it’s all about progression! All of the lessons/videos are available in regular and goofy. Not sure what regular and goofy means? Then start with Snowboard Addiction’s Learn to Ride program.

In the meantime, check out Snowboard Addiction’s free Spinning Lesson and see for yourself.


Advanced Spinning Part 1 (Regular) from SnowboardAddiction.com on Vimeo.

Shred Love at the US Open

On Thursday, 3/18, Shred Love headed up to Stratton in Vermont for the US Open.  The 28th annual snowboarding event gave both amateurs and the world’s best riders the opportunity to compete. It also gave us the opportunity to meet up with other nonprofit snowboarding organizations.

We were very fortunate to have met Danny Hairston of Chill.

Founder Liz & Chill's Danny Hairston

Founder Liz & Chill's Danny Hairston

Board member Mel & Chill's Danny Hairston

We also met up with Brian Deka Paupaw of Hoods to Woods and Olympic winner and US Open Women’s Half Pipe winner, Kelly Clark.

Mel, Kelly Clark, & Liz

 And Olympic winner Hannah Teter before the Women’s Half Pipe competition.

Mel, Olympic winner Hannah Teter, & Liz

Seeing the Black & Night Jam and Half Pipe competition live was epic. You really get to appreciate those backside rodeos and double corks in person. I was also able to snap a pic of Kelly Clark’s victory run, its not best because I took the picture from my cell phone but it does manage to capture the moment.

Kelly Clark's victory run

I think its safe to say that wraps up the 2010 riding season for me. Until next winter, Shred Love!


'Til next time!

Special Thanks!

Its the end of our program, so its time to say thanks to everyone that made this possible.

Our volunteer Jerrie

Thanks Joey!

Thanks Halimah aka Mrs. Shaun White! : )

Thank you Shanelle!

Thank you Sharlette!

Thank you Mel!

Thanks Geneva! (my mother and a big congratulations goes out to her for skiing for the first time on 2/20.)

Thanks Arnetta & Steve!Thanks Sharlette!

Thanks Bam!

Thanks Akitto!

Thanks Alycia!

Thank you Mr. Paul Alston of Alston Tours, Mr and Mrs Maple of It Takes a Village, SOS Outreach www.sosoutreach.org, Chase Courington from SOS Outreach, Windham Mountain www.windhammountain.com, Pamela Valure for the site, Kelly of Shred Betties www.shredbetties.com, Tim Ohle, Franz Krickl, Helene, Mike Hecht, Mike Barry, Steve Cody, Tracy Hunziker, Karen Vetere, Gina and Shana from Windham’s Guest services, Marie the supervisor of Windham Snowboard school, Brian Deka Paupaw, Pro Bono Legal Services, CIMA, Darrell Smith, Maine Gotti, all of our participants and their parents.  

2/28/2010: Our Season Finale

Sunday, 2/28/2010 was an epic day to say the least. Windham was covered in 5ft of fresh pow, our rider De’Karr turned 9, and our 09/10 program produced 30 (participants and volunteers) new shredders. It snowed the entire 3 hour ride there.

As usual Masai, Savion, and De’Karr sang Nick theme songs all the way there. Once we got there, it was business as usual.

Kyasia on the lift line

Dorian coming off the lift.




The Birthday Boy, De'Karr

Ms. Netta

6 year old Tyson coming down from the lift

 After a day of shredding, it was time to dig into some pizza.

Pizza Parrr- tay!!

L-R: Geneva, Liz, & Sharlette

L-R: Kevin, Zaakirah, & Tyson all smiles as usual

L-R: De'Karr, Masai, Khaliq, Isaiah, Edward, Xavier, Halimah, & Mel

L-R: Myriam and Kyasia

How's the pizza Armani Rae?


And finally some birthday cake.

Make a wish!

And finally, our award ceremony!

Congratulations Armani Rae!

Congratulations Jasmine!

Congratulations Kyasia!

Congratulations Zaakirah!

Congratulations Brandon!

Congratulations Edward!

Congratulations Isaiah!

Congratulations and Happy Birthday De'Karr!

Congratulations Kevin!

Congratulations Masai!

Congratulations Savion!

Congratulations Tyler!

Congratulations Tyson!

Congratulations Khaliq!

Congratulations Khaliq!

Congratulations Xavier!


Congratulations Dwayne!


Congratulations also goes out to Adam, Jamontay, Jacqueline, and Marcel (not pictured).

Day 3: Integrity, Wisdom, and Chairlifts

Shred Love

On Day 3, we focused on two core values: Integrity and Wisdom. On this day, more of our students and volunteers took their first ride on the chair lift.

Kevin, Zaakirah & Halimah

Liz, DeKarr, & Kyasia

While others ventured off to Whiteway Chairlift (length: 2,000’/vertical: 354′).

More photos from the day…

Kyasia, Zaakirah, and Kevin's first run on Willpower.

Shred Love

 Sunday, 2/28 will be the last day of our program for the 2009-2010 season. Please check back on Monday, 3/1. In the meantime, please make a donation to help keep our program alive and free to our participants.

Shred Love!