Got Snowboard Addiction?

Snowboard Addiction  has teamed up with Shred Love to present to you a 10% discount on all of their products by simply using the discount code “shredlove”. When you use the “shredlove” discount code, Snowboard Addiction will donate 20% of all sales generated from the discount code to us. So that’s 10% off for you and a 20% donation for us!

Snowboard Addiction specializes in online coaching and freestyle coaching programs via DVD or download at affordable prices. The DVDs and downloadable programs are backed with a 120% money back guarantee. If you don’t learn anything that dramatically improves your riding, Snowboard Addiction will refund you an additional 20% more than your purchase price, however we at Shred Love are positive you will see the value in their products.

Shred Love plans to use their programs for the 2010/2011 winter session, because for our second year, it’s all about progression! All of the lessons/videos are available in regular and goofy. Not sure what regular and goofy means? Then start with Snowboard Addiction’s Learn to Ride program.

In the meantime, check out Snowboard Addiction’s free Spinning Lesson and see for yourself.

Advanced Spinning Part 1 (Regular) from on Vimeo.

Shred Love’s Team Weeks at Modell’s Sporting Goods

As a part of Modell’s Team Weeks, Shred Love has been given a shopping period of 3/19 – 4/15, where our coupon holders receive 15% off their purchase and we receive 5% back of purchases made during our team weeks. All purchases are tracked with our coupon, so if you are in the market for some new sports gear, hit us up for a coupon at Time is running out, so act fast to save 15% off of your purchase at your local Modell’s Sporting Goods store.

*The coupon is good for instore purchases only!