2/28/2010: Our Season Finale

Sunday, 2/28/2010 was an epic day to say the least. Windham was covered in 5ft of fresh pow, our rider De’Karr turned 9, and our 09/10 program produced 30 (participants and volunteers) new shredders. It snowed the entire 3 hour ride there.

As usual Masai, Savion, and De’Karr sang Nick theme songs all the way there. Once we got there, it was business as usual.

Kyasia on the lift line

Dorian coming off the lift.




The Birthday Boy, De'Karr

Ms. Netta

6 year old Tyson coming down from the lift

 After a day of shredding, it was time to dig into some pizza.

Pizza Parrr- tay!!

L-R: Geneva, Liz, & Sharlette

L-R: Kevin, Zaakirah, & Tyson all smiles as usual

L-R: De'Karr, Masai, Khaliq, Isaiah, Edward, Xavier, Halimah, & Mel

L-R: Myriam and Kyasia

How's the pizza Armani Rae?


And finally some birthday cake.

Make a wish!

And finally, our award ceremony!

Congratulations Armani Rae!

Congratulations Jasmine!

Congratulations Kyasia!

Congratulations Zaakirah!

Congratulations Brandon!

Congratulations Edward!

Congratulations Isaiah!

Congratulations and Happy Birthday De'Karr!

Congratulations Kevin!

Congratulations Masai!

Congratulations Savion!

Congratulations Tyler!

Congratulations Tyson!

Congratulations Khaliq!

Congratulations Khaliq!

Congratulations Xavier!


Congratulations Dwayne!


Congratulations also goes out to Adam, Jamontay, Jacqueline, and Marcel (not pictured).

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