Mountain Biking with Trips for Kids – JORBA

On Sunday, June 22, JORBA – Trips for Kids took our group for another mountain biking trip at Allaire Park. Special thanks to Clint Lunde of Ski DUCK for making the introduction! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be a part of our next trip. #thankstripsforkids #thankyouJORBA

Get to Know Khaliq!

Shred Love proudly introduces you to one of our more advanced riders, Khaliq!

Name: Khaliq

About me: I play sports and dress very well and I’m a Holliboy!

What made you join Shred Love? (I joined because) my aunt loves me and asked me, so I did.

How has Shred Love changed your life? I do better at other things.


First time I went snowboarding was at Blue Mountain.

First trick I landed snowboarding was a butter.

First trick I learned on a skateboard was an ollie.

Get to Know Zaakirah!

This week, get to know our second season participant Zaakirah.

Name: Zaakirah Muhammad

About me: I love animals, hanging out with my BFF Mani, paint my nails, read and write poems, and I love to make new friends.

Besties - Zaakirah & Armani Rae

What made you join Shred Love? I joined Shred Love to go snowboarding.

How has Shred Love changed your life? Shred Love changed my life because it help me to not be afraid to try new things and I met new friends.

First time I started walking, I was 10 months old.
First time I learned how to write my name, I was 1 year old.
First time I got a puppy, I was 6 years old.
First time I went to acting class, I was 10 years old.
First time I learned how to snowboard, I was 9 years old.

Get to Know Armani Rae!

Get to know the newest big boss at Shred Love! Armani Rae started off as a participant and is now helping out with recruiting more girls and getting them hooked on snowboarding and photography.

Name: Armani Rae
About me: I’m very active, funny, and pretty. I do gymnastics and love to dance. I love old school music, R&B, hip hop,and pop.
What made you join Shred Love? I always had an inkling for snowboarding.
How has Shred Love changed your life? I met new people and learned how to go down the hill.
First time I won a cheerleading competition, I was 10 years old.

Armani Rae & Coach Timeka

First time I got on a plane, I went to Florida.
First song I wrote is titled, “Live,Laugh, Love”.
First dance recital I was in, I was 6 years old.
First cartwheel I did I was 7 years old.

Check back Tuesday, January 4th for our next feature in the Get to Know Us series!

Impacting Youth through Snowboarding

Up 2 Us recently published it Skiing and Snowboarding Fact Sheet. The fact sheet provides some statistical data on the impact skiing and snowboarding has on youth, further proving the value in skiing & snowboarding programs like Shred Love.

Check it out! Skiing and Snowboarding Factsheet

Shred Love at the US Open

On Thursday, 3/18, Shred Love headed up to Stratton in Vermont for the US Open.  The 28th annual snowboarding event gave both amateurs and the world’s best riders the opportunity to compete. It also gave us the opportunity to meet up with other nonprofit snowboarding organizations.

We were very fortunate to have met Danny Hairston of Chill.

Founder Liz & Chill's Danny Hairston

Founder Liz & Chill's Danny Hairston

Board member Mel & Chill's Danny Hairston

We also met up with Brian Deka Paupaw of Hoods to Woods and Olympic winner and US Open Women’s Half Pipe winner, Kelly Clark.

Mel, Kelly Clark, & Liz

 And Olympic winner Hannah Teter before the Women’s Half Pipe competition.

Mel, Olympic winner Hannah Teter, & Liz

Seeing the Black & Night Jam and Half Pipe competition live was epic. You really get to appreciate those backside rodeos and double corks in person. I was also able to snap a pic of Kelly Clark’s victory run, its not best because I took the picture from my cell phone but it does manage to capture the moment.

Kelly Clark's victory run

I think its safe to say that wraps up the 2010 riding season for me. Until next winter, Shred Love!


'Til next time!

Special Thanks!

Its the end of our program, so its time to say thanks to everyone that made this possible.

Our volunteer Jerrie

Thanks Joey!

Thanks Halimah aka Mrs. Shaun White! : )

Thank you Shanelle!

Thank you Sharlette!

Thank you Mel!

Thanks Geneva! (my mother and a big congratulations goes out to her for skiing for the first time on 2/20.)

Thanks Arnetta & Steve!Thanks Sharlette!

Thanks Bam!

Thanks Akitto!

Thanks Alycia!

Thank you Mr. Paul Alston of Alston Tours, Mr and Mrs Maple of It Takes a Village, SOS Outreach, Chase Courington from SOS Outreach, Windham Mountain, Pamela Valure for the site, Kelly of Shred Betties, Tim Ohle, Franz Krickl, Helene, Mike Hecht, Mike Barry, Steve Cody, Tracy Hunziker, Karen Vetere, Gina and Shana from Windham’s Guest services, Marie the supervisor of Windham Snowboard school, Brian Deka Paupaw, Pro Bono Legal Services, CIMA, Darrell Smith, Maine Gotti, all of our participants and their parents.  

Shred Love’s First Day at Windham Mountain 1/24/2010

11 volunteers, 24 students, 2 mini vans, 3 SUVs and 3 hours later, Shred Love attended its first learn to ride session at Windham Mountain.

L-R: Tyler, Tyesha, Arnetta, Jasmine, and Marcel

Our core value for the day was Courage. It took a lot of courage for both the students and the volunteers, as many were first timers as well, to try snowboarding. Despite the long trip, everyone was all smiles and amped to get on their boards.

L-R: Halimah, Jackie, DeKarr, and Issac

L-R: Halimah, Jackie, DeKarr, and Issac


L-R: Sharlette, Savion, Zaakirah, Isaiah, and Masai


L-R: Ahmaad, Akitto, & Tyson

 The instructors at Windham Mountain were very knowledgeable, understanding and patient, making the group’s first day on the slopes a success! Thanks Windham and SOS Outreach!