Another Great Season Comes to a Close

Sunday, 2/27 officially marked the end of our snowboarding season. To say it has been great, is an understatement! Over a total of 6 days (7 days if you count our photo shoot at The Hidden Valley Club), we visited 3 different mountains, served 40 students, and made a bunch of life long memories.

I would like to thank everyone for making this a huge success! With everyone’s dedication, we were able to make such a great impact on the youth’s life, as well as our own. The experience as a whole was great for both the participants and the volunteers. As we worked with the students on linking turns, safely loading and unloading the chairlift, we were able to gain a greater insight into how patience and consistency plays a role into developing solid relationships. I know that sounds like common sense, but with the fast pace of life, we sometimes forget the value in making people a priority.

It was also great reconnecting with our friends at Windham Mountain, as well as making new friends at The Hidden Valley Club, Mountain Creek and Anchor House. In addition, with the tremendous support of the instructors at the mountains, Snowboard Addiction and Aratik USA,  our group was able to take their riding to the next level. More students ventured on to the chairlift, to the top of the mountain, and in racing (snowboard cross).

Therefore, it is my pleasure to present to you our graduating class!

Congratulations Jackie!

Congratulations Armani Rae!

Congratulations Alexis!

Congratulations Taralyn!

Congratulations Elijah!

Congratulations Tyson!

Congratulations Jordan!

Congratulations Jordan!

Congratulations Savion!

Congratulations Cornelius!

Congratulations Khaliq!

Congratulations Masai!

Congratulations Brandon!

Congratulations Makhii aka 50!

Congratulations Isaiah!

Congratulations Edward!

Congratulations Julius!

Congratulations Darius!

Not pictured – Nathaniel, Isaac, Marcel, Xavier, and Malik. Congratulations!

And to the world’s best volunteers, thank you!

Thank you Shanelle!

Thank you Sarah!

Thank you Jerrie!

Congratulations Geneva!

Thank you Ming!

Thank you Mel!

Not pictured –  Rhosheema and Rob, thanks for your support!

I’m so looking forward to what next season has in store, but in the meantime, be sure to check back, as there is more to come. 😉



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Advanced Spinning Part 1 (Regular) from on Vimeo.