Shred Love Celebrates 5 Years of Service


Join us in celebrating our fifth year of service, as we couldn’t have done it without you! I’m extremely proud of the progress we’ve made as a group and as individuals. Collectively we’ve worked together to expose inner city and at-risk youth to snowboarding, developed the leadership skills of all of our participants, and tackled some of the roughest terrain on our snowboards and mountain bikes. Yet individually, we’ve all faced some of our greatest fears and overcame many obstacles. I’ve had the pleasure to share in many of the triumphs of the group; seeing a newbie link turns at the end of a lesson, watching our older students become group leaders, and listening to the group’s stories on the bus ride home is a reward in itself.

I started Shred Love to give back to my community and yet my community has given so much more to me in return. I’ve learned a lot within the last 5 years about community, relationships, problem solving and myself. There were many times I wanted to quit because of funding and managing the business side of Shred Love, in addition to balancing my family, my day job; my life in general. Through each hurdle you, our supporters, created a way for Shred Love to not only continue, but to also grow.

May the next 5 years allow us to continue to grow and serve more deserving youth and create many more life long memories!



Get to Know Khaliq!

Shred Love proudly introduces you to one of our more advanced riders, Khaliq!

Name: Khaliq

About me: I play sports and dress very well and I’m a Holliboy!

What made you join Shred Love? (I joined because) my aunt loves me and asked me, so I did.

How has Shred Love changed your life? I do better at other things.


First time I went snowboarding was at Blue Mountain.

First trick I landed snowboarding was a butter.

First trick I learned on a skateboard was an ollie.

Get to Know Armani Rae!

Get to know the newest big boss at Shred Love! Armani Rae started off as a participant and is now helping out with recruiting more girls and getting them hooked on snowboarding and photography.

Name: Armani Rae
About me: I’m very active, funny, and pretty. I do gymnastics and love to dance. I love old school music, R&B, hip hop,and pop.
What made you join Shred Love? I always had an inkling for snowboarding.
How has Shred Love changed your life? I met new people and learned how to go down the hill.
First time I won a cheerleading competition, I was 10 years old.

Armani Rae & Coach Timeka

First time I got on a plane, I went to Florida.
First song I wrote is titled, “Live,Laugh, Love”.
First dance recital I was in, I was 6 years old.
First cartwheel I did I was 7 years old.

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Get to Know Savion!

Shred Love would like to introduce you to Savion!

Savion Bayo Drayton

Name: Savion Bayo Drayton

About me: I’m a snowboarder, scientist, and a flag football champion!

What made you join Shred Love? The enjoyment of snowboarding.

How has Shred Love changed your life? It showed me the thrills of snowboarding down the mountain.

Tyson, Savion, & DeKarr


First time I went snowboarding was with Shred Love.

First pet I had was Lucky the Cat.

First skateboard park I went to is in Flemington, NJ.

First time playing flag football, my team won the championship.

First job was at Jack’s, by my grandmother’s house.

My first camping trip

Chillin with my little brother, Tyson

Check back next Tuesday to see who’s next!

Get to Know Mel

Name:  Mel Demetrius Young, but known by a host of nicknames including Demetrius tha Poet & Young Smellz (thanks Jerrie).


About me:  I’m the proud father of a son (Marcel, 18) and daughter (Jackie, 13 going on 30).  I earn my living as a Vice President – Project Manager and Business Analyst. However anyone who knows me knows that my occupation is that of a Poet/ Spoken Word Artist (just gotta find a way to earn a living off it – lol). I was born in Trenton, NJ and was educated at a Girard College. I served in the US Air Force Reserves during the Gulf War.  My hobbies and interests include fishing, snowboarding, art (specifically graffiti) and writing.

Jackie, Marcel, & I tubing at Blue Mountain


What role do you play at Shred Love? As a VP and Board Member, I help vet out business, financial and program decisions. In addition, I chaperoned a group of participants on the mountain. Also, I usually have a hand in any graphic design work associated with the organization, including the design of the Logo.


Why did you become a part of Shred Love? When Liz conceived the idea of developing the organization and its mission, I was “all in”. I grew up in one of Trenton, NJ’s worst neighborhoods, Wilbur Section, and have personally benefited from organizations such as the YMCA, Big Brothers / Big Sisters, and Girard College. Without those organizations, I would not be where I am today.  I see Shred Love as being a vital organization to help develop our youth.  It also provides a way for me to give back, after all, so much was given to me.


First time I strapped on a snowboard, I was 40 years old.

First trip into the half pipe did not go so well.  I fell about 10 times.

First time I made it down the mountain without falling; I was stoked for a week!!!

First snowboard was purchased on the way home from my very first snowboard outing (I was immediately hooked).

My First Time

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