Shred Love – Learn to Ride 2013

Winter, oh glorious winter. Happy Holidays, hot apple cider, chocolate covered waffles and snow covered wonderlands (did I mention salted-caramel hot chocolate?).  And in the still of ANY starry, winter night, if you close your eyes and listen closely, you can hear it calling ever so faintly, echoing off of the falling snowflakes.  Can you hear it? Can you hear the mountain calling, summoning all snowboards from their year-long hibernation? The time is upon us. It’s Go Time! Queue the music.


Sunday of President’s Day weekend (also the busiest weekend of the winter season, I may add… never seen so many riders and skiers on the mountain), Shred Love kicked off its Winter Snowboard program returning to wonderful Windham Mountain.  Under the superb driving skills of our bus driver Mr. Mike, we arrived on time to be embraced by a reunion of old friends and familiar faces, as well as, a few new soon-to-be old friends, as we ushered in the new season.

Returning Shred Love alumni Armani Rae, Brandon, Edward, and Jaden stepped up this season as Student Volunteers, helping with administrative tasks and team leadership on the mountain.   In addition, we had our other returning Shred Love veterans proving that they didn’t lose a step, or rather shred, since last season.  Nearly all returning Shred Love students were either riding on the small chair lift or further up the mountain – how’s THAT for progression!!!!

Then we have the beginners. Oh yes, the beginners, the fearless first timers, the noble novices, the rookie riders of the mountain range (hey – I can go on all day) – Tahjan, Charisma, DJ, William, Bria and Eric dared to strap up and drop in on lessons with Marcia’s team of instructors. By the end of the lessons, all were progressing quite well.

Awesome powder, mild temperatures, and brilliant sunshine characterized the day. In the end, it was a beautiful day for all.  Can’t wait until next week!

Old Man Winter aka Mel

The Day Shred Love Transformed into Ped(al) Love

Sunday, August 12, 2012 – The day Shred Love transformed into Ped Love, pedal love that is.

Put me on a snow covered mountain with my Never Summer snowboard and I’ll meet you at the bottom. I may even do a few butters and ollies along the way, however, put me on a mountain on a summer day, atop of a mountain bike, and let’s just say the outcome is not so assured.

Last Sunday a group of participants from Shred Love set out to conquer a new and different type of mountain experience, one that didn’t require snow. Shred Love met up with the Jersey Off Road Bicycle Association (JORBA) in Tourne County Park in Booton, NJ, for an exciting lesson in mountain biking. JORBA designed and regularly maintains the trails that we rode that day.

Armed with bikes, helmets, and mountain biking safety rules from JORBA, away we went to conquer our first trail. The White Trail was challenging with all of its bumps, tree roots, stumps, rocks, trekking through mud, over bridges, uphill climbs and downhill cruises. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!!

After a hearty lunch, we broke into groups: those who wanted to master the White Trail and those that want a bigger challenge, the Purple Trail. To put this in perspective, if this were snowboarding; the purple trail would be equivalent to a hard blue trail.

I was part of the latter group which consisted of Isaiah, Liz, Edward and I with JOBRA experts Slow Joe and Rick guiding and coaching us along. We began the ride climbing a steep hill before venturing into the woods for an additional uphill climb. This is where the fun began! Downhill runs over bumps and rocks, 90 degree turns, tough climbs, and navigating nature’s natural obstacle course.

The White Trail team, led by teen volunteer Armani Rae, consisted of Jackie, Savion and Shred Love new comer Genesis, with the JOBRA crew of Frank, Michael and Jim, keeping the team motivated. The field report from the White Trail Squad is that all the things that had seemed challenging during the first run, turned out to be a piece of cake during the second time around. The second time, the team was able to take in the beautiful scenery of lily pads, frogs, birds, along the lake.

In the end, we came, we saw, we conquered!

Special thanks to Rick, Frank, Michael, Jim, and Slow Joe of JORBA, Trips for Kids, Clint of SkiDuck, Omenel, and parents! Can’t wait to do it again on September 8th at Allaire State Park!!! If you would like to attend, contact us at

Please note participants must be at least 12 years old and can ride a bike to participate.

Old Man Winter

P.S. Check out our Facebook page for more pictures.

Family Day at Camelback

Happy New Year! 

Even though Mother Nature has yet to bless us with any snow this winter, the cold temps allowed many resorts to make snow and open (thank goodness!). So instead of just reading our blog about how fun snowboarding is, why not give it a shot yourself? Remember that New Year resolution you made to “try something new”? Well here’s your chance to try snowboarding and possibly fall in love with it. Not convinced you can fall in love with snowboarding on first try? Just ask our volunteer and board member, Mel.

New for 2012, Shred Love is hosting Family Day at Camelback Mountain. Mom and Dad, this is the perfect opportunity to prove to your kid that you still got it. 😉 Strap in, take a lesson, and then show these youngins what you got. Also, that evening from 5-9pm, Nike is hosting its Chosen Rail Jam at Camelback’s Sunbowl. Watch snowboarders compete for $3000 and Nike swag. Remember what it felt like watching the Olympics on tv? Well this time experience it first hand, for free. The Sunbowl is easily accessed by non-skiers and snowboarders, even more reason to come out and enjoy a day on the slopes.

Since this event is open to everyone, no transportation will be provided by Shred Love. We will provide gloves and snow pants to participating youth first and then adults as permitted. If you will need gear for your child(ren), please email us at Gear is limited and will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

Payment is due Wednesday, January 11, 2012. We will meet at the Camelback Lodge Group Sales  Desk at 9am. Lift tickets and rental vouchers will be distributed then.

Packages available:

  • First time ski/snowboard packages – lesson, lift ticket (restricted to beginner access lifts), and rental gear: $58
  • All area ski/ride packages – lift ticket and rental gear: $75
  • Open – close lift tickets: $38
  • Helmets (mandatory by NJ law): $10.75
  • Wrist guards (optional): $5.25

Hope to see you there!


The Hidden Valley Club host Shred Love & Anchor House

On Saturday, January 15th, The Hidden Valley Club welcomed Shred Love and Anchor House. Based in Trenton, New Jersey, Anchor House is a multi-service agency for runaway, homeless, abused, and at-risk youth and their families. Best known for being “family friendly” and the place, “where family memories last a lifetime”, The Hidden Valley Club made all of us feel welcomed. When we arrived at the Rental Shop, all of our gear was laid out and waiting for us.

Shanelle & Jerrie

Following the format of our 4 day Learn to Ride program, the Anchor House group attended their first lesson…

but  it didn’t take long for the magic to start.

No, your eyes aren’t fooling you, and yes Felix landed it! I was amazed by everyone, not just by their skills, but by their determination to get it. We’ve all heard stories of people being psyched about their first day of snowboarding, only to fall once and give up. But as in life, you can’t stop the first time your knocked on your “bum”, you have to dust yourself off and try again. That very lesson is the foundation of Shred Love.

For the 2010 – 2011 winter season, our focus will be on progression, goal setting, and developing creative problem solving skills. I know some may read “creative problem solving skills” and think, huh?! But if you really think about it, there is more than one way to skin a cat. And instead of accepting ‘no’ for an answer or taking the easy route, we’re planning to teach our participants how to find the best solution. I’ll stop there, because I could go on for days about setting goals, but I will leave you with this quote:

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. – Buddha

Think big, and then think bigger!

Special thanks to The Hidden Valley Club and Marianne, our board member, Mel Young for suggesting we reach out to Anchor House, everyone at the Anchor House, Russ, & Amy, Phil, and Tom of the NJ Herald.

And finally, a big thanks to our volunteer Jerrie and our teen mentors: Khaliq, Marcel, and Shanelle for their dedication.

Shred Love & Anchor House at The Hidden Valley Club

Get to Know Mel

Name:  Mel Demetrius Young, but known by a host of nicknames including Demetrius tha Poet & Young Smellz (thanks Jerrie).


About me:  I’m the proud father of a son (Marcel, 18) and daughter (Jackie, 13 going on 30).  I earn my living as a Vice President – Project Manager and Business Analyst. However anyone who knows me knows that my occupation is that of a Poet/ Spoken Word Artist (just gotta find a way to earn a living off it – lol). I was born in Trenton, NJ and was educated at a Girard College. I served in the US Air Force Reserves during the Gulf War.  My hobbies and interests include fishing, snowboarding, art (specifically graffiti) and writing.

Jackie, Marcel, & I tubing at Blue Mountain


What role do you play at Shred Love? As a VP and Board Member, I help vet out business, financial and program decisions. In addition, I chaperoned a group of participants on the mountain. Also, I usually have a hand in any graphic design work associated with the organization, including the design of the Logo.


Why did you become a part of Shred Love? When Liz conceived the idea of developing the organization and its mission, I was “all in”. I grew up in one of Trenton, NJ’s worst neighborhoods, Wilbur Section, and have personally benefited from organizations such as the YMCA, Big Brothers / Big Sisters, and Girard College. Without those organizations, I would not be where I am today.  I see Shred Love as being a vital organization to help develop our youth.  It also provides a way for me to give back, after all, so much was given to me.


First time I strapped on a snowboard, I was 40 years old.

First trip into the half pipe did not go so well.  I fell about 10 times.

First time I made it down the mountain without falling; I was stoked for a week!!!

First snowboard was purchased on the way home from my very first snowboard outing (I was immediately hooked).

My First Time

Check back next Tuesday, to see who’s next!

Shred Love at the US Open

On Thursday, 3/18, Shred Love headed up to Stratton in Vermont for the US Open.  The 28th annual snowboarding event gave both amateurs and the world’s best riders the opportunity to compete. It also gave us the opportunity to meet up with other nonprofit snowboarding organizations.

We were very fortunate to have met Danny Hairston of Chill.

Founder Liz & Chill's Danny Hairston

Founder Liz & Chill's Danny Hairston

Board member Mel & Chill's Danny Hairston

We also met up with Brian Deka Paupaw of Hoods to Woods and Olympic winner and US Open Women’s Half Pipe winner, Kelly Clark.

Mel, Kelly Clark, & Liz

 And Olympic winner Hannah Teter before the Women’s Half Pipe competition.

Mel, Olympic winner Hannah Teter, & Liz

Seeing the Black & Night Jam and Half Pipe competition live was epic. You really get to appreciate those backside rodeos and double corks in person. I was also able to snap a pic of Kelly Clark’s victory run, its not best because I took the picture from my cell phone but it does manage to capture the moment.

Kelly Clark's victory run

I think its safe to say that wraps up the 2010 riding season for me. Until next winter, Shred Love!


'Til next time!