Day 3: Integrity, Wisdom, and Chairlifts

Shred Love

On Day 3, we focused on two core values: Integrity and Wisdom. On this day, more of our students and volunteers took their first ride on the chair lift.

Kevin, Zaakirah & Halimah

Liz, DeKarr, & Kyasia

While others ventured off to Whiteway Chairlift (length: 2,000’/vertical: 354′).

More photos from the day…

Kyasia, Zaakirah, and Kevin's first run on Willpower.

Shred Love

 Sunday, 2/28 will be the last day of our program for the 2009-2010 season. Please check back on Monday, 3/1. In the meantime, please make a donation to help keep our program alive and free to our participants.

Shred Love!

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