Get to Know Shanelle!

Get to know Shanelle, our second year teen mentor!
Name: Shanelle Thornberry
About me: I am an 18 year old teen mentor. I enjoy art, music, skateboarding, and snowboarding. I am an inspiring DJ and artist. I aspire to work in the music business or open my own art gallery. I love to travel and make life an adventure.

Halloween 2009

What role do you play at Shred Love? My role at Shred Love is a teen mentor, photographer, and assistant.
Why did you become a part of Shred Love? I became a member of Shred Love because I wanted to be a part of a positive movement, a movement that gave kids, who were once just like me, opportunities that do not come around often.
How has Shred Love changed your life? Shred Love has changed my life because I have learned you could make something so small into something big, have a huge impact, and important.
First time I drove, I had my license for 2 weeks.
First time I DJ’ed a party, the speakers blew.
First time I skateboarded, I was 15.
First time I snowboarded, I got a face full of snow.
First time I went away without my family, was my 8th grade class trip to Disney World.

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