Shred Love Celebrates 5 Years of Service


Join us in celebrating our fifth year of service, as we couldn’t have done it without you! I’m extremely proud of the progress we’ve made as a group and as individuals. Collectively we’ve worked together to expose inner city and at-risk youth to snowboarding, developed the leadership skills of all of our participants, and tackled some of the roughest terrain on our snowboards and mountain bikes. Yet individually, we’ve all faced some of our greatest fears and overcame many obstacles. I’ve had the pleasure to share in many of the triumphs of the group; seeing a newbie link turns at the end of a lesson, watching our older students become group leaders, and listening to the group’s stories on the bus ride home is a reward in itself.

I started Shred Love to give back to my community and yet my community has given so much more to me in return. I’ve learned a lot within the last 5 years about community, relationships, problem solving and myself. There were many times I wanted to quit because of funding and managing the business side of Shred Love, in addition to balancing my family, my day job; my life in general. Through each hurdle you, our supporters, created a way for Shred Love to not only continue, but to also grow.

May the next 5 years allow us to continue to grow and serve more deserving youth and create many more life long memories!



Sports Matter



Shred Love is now taking part of Dick’s Sporting Goods’ Sports Matter Crowdfunding Initiative. Our goal is to raise a total of $7000 to fund our upcoming season’s transportation cost and to replace some of our gear. In order to receive the full donation of $7000, we need to fundraise $3500 on our own. To date, we still need to raise an additional $3075. Please join us in this initiative and make a donation on our Sports Matter page and spread the word! If we don’t raise $3075 by Friday, May 23 6pm EST, we won’t receive any of the funds raised. Its truly a matter of all or nothing matter. So please consider making a donation and spreading the word to help us keep our Learn to Ride snowboard program free to its participants.

As always, thank you for supporting us! It is with your continued support we are able to serve more deserving youth through snowboarding.



Shred Love at Hunter Mountain

Hunter Mountain is hosting Shred Love every Saturday in March! First time snowboarders, ages 7- 16 are welcomed to join our Learn to Ride program at Hunter. Registration is open now!  Select “Shred Love” as the Youth Agency and enter “1992” as the session ID.

 We’re looking forward to meeting you new riders! Interested in volunteering for these sessions? Drop us a line.




Learn to Ride 2013

Registration is now open!

Our dates at Windham Mountain have been set! Join us on Sundays, January 20th, 27th, and February 3rd for our Learn to Ride program. Our program is open to boys and girls, ages 9 -18 years old. Our previous students that are 18+ are welcomed to join us as a volunteer this year *hint, hint Cornelius, lol!* To register a youth participant and/or to volunteer, please email us.

Registration closes on Thursday, January 17th! Be sure to register now and join our newsletter for more information.  

Day 1 & Day 2 at Windham Mashup

Hey everyone, we are officially at the mid-point in our Learn to Ride program. Like last year, our 4 day Learn to Ride program takes place at Windham Mountain. On our first day, Sunday, 1/23, Windham celebrated 50 years of service. Check out the cool ice sculpture:

Despite the freezing temperatures, Windham gave us a warm welcome back. They were just as excited to see us, as we were them. Our eager participants wasted no time gearing up for their first lesson of the year.

For the first day, we focused on courage and how it relates to snowboarding and everyday life. Everyone shared their definition of courage and gave examples of they were courageous. Day 2, we focused on discipline.  Needless to say we got some interesting definitions for that one, lol!

Day 2 was filled with great surprises: the staff at Windham Mountain donated tons of gear to us, our first snowboard race, and Edward conquered the Green trail.

Marcel, Khaliq, Edward, & Brandon

Elijah from our Snow Monsters group came in first place.

After just learning to link turns, Elijah came in first place!

Two of our Snow Angels came in second and third.

Taralyn came in second!

Mani aka Ms. Beastin for like 5 Hours, lol!

Malik, Isaac, Alexis, Jackie, Taralyn, Makhii, Justin, and Isaiah moved up to the Willpower trail, riding the chair lift for the first time. Jerrie and Shanelle also took the plunge and gave Willpower a shot as well. I’m willing to bet Jordan and Masai will be there next Sunday as they were the last to leave the slopes.




Snow Angel Alexis


Be sure to check out our Facebook page to see all of the pictures from Day 1 and Day 2. Til next time!