Get to Know Zaakirah!

This week, get to know our second season participant Zaakirah.

Name: Zaakirah Muhammad

About me: I love animals, hanging out with my BFF Mani, paint my nails, read and write poems, and I love to make new friends.

Besties - Zaakirah & Armani Rae

What made you join Shred Love? I joined Shred Love to go snowboarding.

How has Shred Love changed your life? Shred Love changed my life because it help me to not be afraid to try new things and I met new friends.

First time I started walking, I was 10 months old.
First time I learned how to write my name, I was 1 year old.
First time I got a puppy, I was 6 years old.
First time I went to acting class, I was 10 years old.
First time I learned how to snowboard, I was 9 years old.