Get to Know Mel

Name:  Mel Demetrius Young, but known by a host of nicknames including Demetrius tha Poet & Young Smellz (thanks Jerrie).


About me:  I’m the proud father of a son (Marcel, 18) and daughter (Jackie, 13 going on 30).  I earn my living as a Vice President – Project Manager and Business Analyst. However anyone who knows me knows that my occupation is that of a Poet/ Spoken Word Artist (just gotta find a way to earn a living off it – lol). I was born in Trenton, NJ and was educated at a Girard College. I served in the US Air Force Reserves during the Gulf War.  My hobbies and interests include fishing, snowboarding, art (specifically graffiti) and writing.

Jackie, Marcel, & I tubing at Blue Mountain


What role do you play at Shred Love? As a VP and Board Member, I help vet out business, financial and program decisions. In addition, I chaperoned a group of participants on the mountain. Also, I usually have a hand in any graphic design work associated with the organization, including the design of the Logo.


Why did you become a part of Shred Love? When Liz conceived the idea of developing the organization and its mission, I was “all in”. I grew up in one of Trenton, NJ’s worst neighborhoods, Wilbur Section, and have personally benefited from organizations such as the YMCA, Big Brothers / Big Sisters, and Girard College. Without those organizations, I would not be where I am today.  I see Shred Love as being a vital organization to help develop our youth.  It also provides a way for me to give back, after all, so much was given to me.


First time I strapped on a snowboard, I was 40 years old.

First trip into the half pipe did not go so well.  I fell about 10 times.

First time I made it down the mountain without falling; I was stoked for a week!!!

First snowboard was purchased on the way home from my very first snowboard outing (I was immediately hooked).

My First Time

Check back next Tuesday, to see who’s next!