Day 2 at Windham Mountain

Armani Rae

Day 2 at Windham Mountain provided Shred Love with new challenges: Linking turns & Chairlifts. Our core value for the day was Discipline. Not to be confused with punishment, the discipline we are referring to is related to self discipline; finding the strength within to push on and achieve your goals. Usually people tend to quit when the roads gets rough, but not our group. As a group, everyone pushed on to perfect linking their turns and stopping.


Our volunteer Shanelle giving it a second try.

Xavier & Akitto

 Once it clicked, they were off. : )



Tyson with a little assistance from Armani Rae

Mel’s group took their first ride on the chair lift to conquer K Lift Triple (length: 400′ and vertical 50′) with the help of Windham’s snowboard instructor Mike Hecht. 

L-R: Edward, Mel, Adam, Brandon, and Windham Instructor Mike Hecht

As usual, the day ended with smiles.


Armani Rae & Masai

and more smiles : )

To view more of our pictures, check us out on Facebook. Until next time.

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