YMCA Camp Linwood Macdonald

The lake at Camp Linwood

On Sunday, August 21, I was invited to YMCA Camp Linwood Macdonald by Newark YMWCA’s CEO, Michael Bright. Michael felt Camp Linwood Macdonald would be perfect for our group since it offered outdoor activities in our off season. Located in Sandyston, New Jersey, Camp Linwood offers environmental education, team building games, and other activities, such as archery, canoeing, fishing, hiking, swimming, and a zipline that crosses a lake. Yes a zipline! Needless to say, it didn’t take much convincing that Camp Linwood was worth a visit.
When we arrived, we were given a tour around the campsite. As a snowboarder, I’m used to seeing snow covered hills and slopes, so this was definitely a switch. There were wild flowers, dragon flies, turtles (snappers!), a stocked lake, a pond with tadpoles, frogs, and more turtles, a rock climbing wall, lodging for overnight campers, the list goes on!
Because of a looming storm, we quickly had lunch so that everyone could get a turn on the zipline. On the first day of our snowboard season, we focus on courage and how it relates to snowboarding and everyday life. This day was no different. Some needed coaching to make it up the ladder, while others needed it to “jump off” and zip across the lake. But I think everyone would agree that the experience proved just how courageous we all are and how fun ziplining truly is! As Tyson would put it, “you get to zoom through the air!”.

My second go on the zipline!

After our zipline adventure, Armani Rae, Savion, and Tyson climbed the rock wall, while Jerrie and I took a hike around the camp site.
Savion was proud that he was able to conquer his fear of heights, similar to our rider Edward, and climb to the top of the wall. By the middle of the day, we were all convinced this would be a great experience for Shred Love’s participants. And if you need anymore convincing, just ask Jerrie and Armani Rae about the fire pit and the yummy smores!
We’re having a day trip to Camp Linwood on Saturday, October 29, 2011. The trip will include zipline, rock wall climbing, low rope team building activities, and smores by the fire pit. This event is open to all, however if you are only sending your kid, s/he must be at least 8 years old. For more information, please send us an email at info@shredlove.org/wordpress.
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