Back to School!

On Saturday, 9/11/2010, Shred Love joined Evangelist Kathleen Lowery and Gospel Services Non-Denominational Church for its Back to School event. Thanks to the beautiful weather, families from the community were able to enjoy an outdoor movie and plenty of food. At the end of the event, bookbags full of school supplies were distributed, along with jewelry and wallets for the adults. Shred Love donated over 100 books! The books were a part of a donation to Shred Love on behalf of Half Price Books, Corporation for National  & Community Service, and Up2Us.

Overall it was a beautiful day, to serve the community and remember those impacted by 9/11.

Check out the pictures below.

Evangelist Kathleen Lowery, Zaakirah of Shred Love, & Liz


Special thanks to our volunteers Halimah Muhammad & Shanelle Royster! To see the rest of the pictures, check out our Facebook page.  To learn more about Gospel Services Non Denominational Church, visit them at:

Gospel Services Non Denominational Church

175 (Munn) Pastor Vann L. Lowery Sr. Ave

Irvington, NJ 07111

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